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Care instructions - ClanofDK

Care instructions
Sterling Silver 925

  • The best way to take care of your Sterling Silver jewellery is to wear it
  • Clean your jewellery frequently by washing them with a phosphate-free detergent and dry with a soft, clean cotton cloth
  1. If your jewellery tarnishes, (gets yellowish-brownish tint), you can polish it again by rubbing the jewellery with an impregnated polishing cloth. Use straight, back-an-forth manner to maintain the appearance
  2. If the jewellery turns black, polishing with cream of powder is needed
  • Please do not – ever - use silver dip as it will:
    1. damage the silver surface
    2. will remove the oxidation, which is part of the design
    3. damage the semiprecious stones
    4. make the shiny silver surfaces matt
    • Remember to apply your hairspray and perfume BEFORE putting on any jewellery
    • Please avoid your jewellery to be in contact with water, lotion and other cosmetics
    • Please store your silver bits in dry room or in a jewellery box - never in the bathroom. Keep a paper anti-tarnish strip in your jewellery box.



    • Water, lotions, perfume, sunshine, heat etc.  might affect the leather
    • If your leather bracelet gets wet, take it off and let it dry naturally
    • Black and brown leather might miss-color light clothes.